Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump Day in the City

Well, talk about your mid-40z thing; the mammogram. 

One of the most controversial screenings to date, there are advocates to mam or not to mam on both sides.
For the record, my mammo today was clear; all looks fine. While most women get 2 pix on each side, I get four because of the surgery sites - the radiologists who read these look at scar tissue and breast tissue VERY carefully !

My first indication that this was not good back in 2007 was NOT from a mammogram, but from a lump that didn't go away after six weeks. I then had a thermogram on Long Island; it is a heat sensitive test, and the areas that were found to be cancer six weeks later showed up on the infrared scan as "red hot" spots. So, I knew long before I knew.
The mammo, the biopsies and all that were not a TOTAL shock - and I am grateful I had this test.
I would highly recommend them for anyone; it was only $350. - quite a nice price for BETTER than mammo information, actually.

So, what else is a 40z to do today ? I had a few minutes between the radiologist and the surgeon, so on my way I stopped at Williams and Sonoma; sort of a booby tradition with me. I sent my sister there during my second surgery to buy me a present. She came back with a Caphlon pan :) I bought three spatulas today because mine were GROSS !
One of them has a gingerbread man on it; PERFECT !

So there's day two of my blog; tomorrow I will tell you about the community meeting I went to tonight.
Hot stuff in Inwood, let me tell ya !
Love and kisses, Annie