Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Conservative Nudge & A Dash of Fate

Tonight I watched Glenn Beck on Fox News as he spoke in the closing hour of the 2010 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Convention) in Washington, DC.

Now before you get all excited and politicized and polarized and opinionated, just listen, well READ for a moment. I do try to look at a variety of views and take good parts from what the kaleidoscope of speakers has to offer; sometimes the pickings are slim, but, it gets like that at the end of the buffet line at Golden Corral, too.

Say what ever about Beck, but I admire his humility in his very public ownership of being an alcoholic, as is demonstrated by his reference to it this very evening. He has other engaging qualities; and he is funny; he will be the first to laugh at himself within a minute of being the Grim Reaper of Doom & Gloom for America's future. So, that said, here's the take away message I had.

Get your sh** together, Anne.
Grow up. Face your fears. Take responsibility.
Do the hard thing.
Make the tough choices.
Do it now; while you are only 45, and you have a lot of time to fix and reinvest in yourself.
In direct terms, that means; pay off the credit card debt. Put the cards away.
Do without things - stop spending money on impulse stupid stuff, (electric pencil sharpeners NOT included).
Take care of yourself - deal with the body stuff.
Get rid of the clutter that has insidiously gathered in your residence of over 14 years now.
Remind those you love that you love them; they need to hear it.
Use the resources around you make what is old, new again.
Reread some books, chapters, journals that inspire you.
Borrow books, don't buy them.
I am happy, healthy, honest, trustworthy, smart, loved. Act like it.
No one owes you anything; but you owe faceless institutions a lot; get on it.

I went to cancel an order I had placed on HSN just over a week ago. There was no record of it.
ANYWHERE ! I guess it didn't go through; I am thankful. It is a sign I am headed in the right direction. Right, as in correct, political affiliation not withstanding.

What else ?

So, looks like I won't be going to OG this summer; but I can find another way to take a break somewhere and enjoy myself. I have a great NYC pad; clean it up, clear it out; don't be afraid to through stuff away - or recycle it. I am going to have to work to fund my further course study but that is an investment - different than an expense. The returns will be seen next year.

So, if you see that I am dining out less, (but mind you, that doesn't mean a draconian abstinence from dining out), carrying my own Gluten Free lunches and snacks about you now know why ! I am going to knuckle down and work toward some inner peace.

Much love to you all !
Annie B