Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Snow, It's Okay...Happy Snow Day to YOU !

Thank you for the Snow Day, Mama Nature !

I love a good snowfall.
I enjoy walking around in the crisp air with little flakes plucking my face or going up my nose or wetting my glasses so I cannot see.
I appreciate an occasional update on the television about how things are going in the Big Apple and reports about troublesome roads or undue delays.

I do NOT like all day coverage of a snowfall that is a storm in the most classic sense.
I do NOT like hearing the drone of making a Kilimanjaro out of a West Mountain ski slope.

Honestly, New Yorkers, don't you think the coverage for this is a bit overkill ?
Really, don't you ?

While Washington, DC is certainly out of sorts for their seasonal climate expectations, is it so terribly unexpected for New York City ? For those of you from northern heritage; particularly my Rochester, Buffalo peeps, are you not laughing at all this ?

Cancelling school and advising not to travel unnecessarily is a good, no a great idea. School buses and slippery roads make for a bad combo. No one HAS to get to Target today; and if you are a supervisor of someone in retail; cut them some slack; be thankful they got in at all.
Same is probably true for anyone who travels to work tomorrow. Be grateful they are there, safely.

So, if you haven't gone out in the snow - get your boots on and go; chances are it's still fresh enough to look inviting; picture perfect even !! I saw some kids sliding down a hill in the neighborhood, and I truly wanted to join them !!

Take in the serene beauty that is not airbrushed or computer generated.

Hot cocoa for all, and to all, good Snow Day !