Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just because the dress fits...take a good look at the WHOLE image; and other little summer musings...

Did you catch that BIG full moon last weekend....as in, just a few nights ago ? My friend called it, "Cosmo's moon," and it was true ! Creamy white on Thursday, golden on Friday and blush on Saturday - no wonder poets and scribes have written so much about it....ahhhh....

How's your summer ? Great I hope - I have a few stories for you from a whirlwind weekend...

While in Albany ever so briefly last week making a much needed bank deposit to truly stave off financial ruin, I happened into Mentor Closet, a nicely run/stocked consignment store. Browsing casually I came across a cotton dress that fell somewhere between "Stepford Wives" and bridal shower in the garden. With a good label, (Talbots), a great price, ($18) and a size smaller, I gleefully took it to the dressing room. SCORE ! It zipped, hung well and was all floral and light - and all wrong.

The style was that great 50's line - sleeveless, rounded scoop, fitted bodice, long zip up the back. Great look in a light floral with a background of white. Great look if you are 32. I took a long look at myself in the mirror. I wasn't fixated on my hips' width or my narrower waist, the length of the dress, or if my bustline revealed any anomolies.

I looked at the maturity of my face in this dress and could think of only one thing: "Mutton dressed as lamb."

For the first time, I admitted quietly, I was too "old" for something off the rack. I had out lived my demographic; I am not "21 Forever" at all. Regardless of the label, the cut, the craftsmanship the good fit or the price, the dress was wrong. Too late.

Sometimes just because the dress fits, it doesn't mean you should wear it. No matter, I have lots of other timeless rags to adorn myself with.

I shared this story with Kimberly Duryea whom I hadn't seen in nearly 20 years at breakfast the next morning. We giggled about it, but as I thought about it more, I realized it wasn't the end of the world. I still was ME, just with more experience. It's okay to not be 21, 32 or even 40 anymore. Time marches on and I am choosing to be happy about it and join the band !

Avocados; let's talk about avocados. I was invited to join an acquaintance for breakfast over the weekend. He served a resplendent impromptu spread with sliced avocado, cherries, strawberries and bread rounds with gourmet cheeses, prosciutto and salmon. It was delightful and WAY too rich for first thing in the morning - accompanied only by green tea. I was ill for the next six hours. Note to self; no avocados before 5pm !!

Regardless, his hospitality touched my heart and I enjoyed handwriting a thank you note to him. Yes, I omitted the post breakfast meeting consequences, but still, I was so touched by his generosity. It was truly a great experience.

Thanks, too, to David, who literally took me by the hand into the Atlantic to jump the waves. I had been ceremoniously knocked on my tuckus two years ago while holding his son's hand when a big wave crashed down on us - I lost contact with Jacob for what seemed like an eternity, my glasses and sun shield had been knocked off my face rendering me visually challenged, and I was unable to get up quickly with the undertow. I was never so frightened in my life. Since then, I did not go into the water beyond my knees - I had always had respect for the sea, but now I had bona fide fear. That ended this weekend. David's tutelage brought me back to waist high water where I jumped the waves, and learned to lean into them - much easier than diving by the way. Thank you, Dave, for reintroducing me to the joys of the sea.

Lastly, thanks to my brother Bill who so unselfishly has appointed himself handy man for my house in Qbury - he's an amazing guy - giving up an hour of his time here and there to fix this and that....and Steve, who has his back. And their WIVES !! Great people - all.

So many people to be grateful to and for; so many opportunities and choices.

Please, keep in touch..