Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring, or nearly !

It snuck in this weekend. After months of cold and snow and ice and boots and umbrellas and cabs, a preview of Spring tip toed in on cat's feet and swirled around.

Getting my fill of vitamin D for the past two days I walked many blocks in the sun. I saw people shopping, smiling and generally happy to be rid of the layers of winter garb. I saw tulip shoots and crocus stems reaching for the sky. I watched the dirtiest of snow piles melt and leave only silt in their wake.

Strolling on the Upper West Side, there were children on scooters, bikes, and in strollers. Adults ambled about trying to balance all the kid-ware that they have these days. There were some people with shopping bags, some with Fairway bags and few with pretzels.

I didn't see anyone loaded down with packages. It just wasn't about that today. It was about feeling unfettered with 'things' and enjoying the ease of moving without baggage.

Yes, times are scary; everyone is concerned about their own financial wellness, and probably someone close to them in their own family and friend circle.

But for this weekend, for just a little while, there was the sun and the sidewalk. There were no boots and no umbrellas. Kids laughed and grownups smiled.

No one felt scared of a terrorist attack. No one was particularly worried about Governor Patterson's fate. Laundry and homework could wait.

It was a good day in New York City.