Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here's the glitter; where's the sparkle ?

Today I saw something.
If you see something, say something; right ?
Well, here it is.
I went to work and rode the elevator with two people.
A co-worker who had always been jovial and happy to be at work wore a weary smile and she had no sparkle.  She came in with her head all but down, and went to her room, with only a cordial greeting.  While there was no malice or ill-content, it was clear that she had crossed a line. 
A line you cannot see.
 A line you may not even be aware that you have crossed.  
But others  see it.
Conjecture in the absence of  explanations can lead to misunderstandings and rumor.
But here, with this person it is clear; benign indifference. 
Beyond passion, beyond frustration, beyond caring.
My question now is; Will she ever come back ?
Will I see the vital, excited, invigorated,
 motivating person who has been to Hell and back,  again ?
I don't know.  
There are so many who have traveled this path recently that its growing a little lonely to stay and fight the fight, keep up the morale, and believe that truth and justice will win.  
I need to believe that truth for its  own sake is still right, and probable, or at least, possible. 

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