Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Night night ??

So here it is. 10pm and no one to say good night to - other than the cat, who has NO interest in sleep at this point - she is getting her second wind; nocturnal creature and all. I'm happy for her, really.

Today I asked myself," what makes you think that everyone should really 'question with boldness' as proposed by Thomas Jefferson?" and not be afraid of loosing their jobs and friends.

Maybe a moment I had today when I saw my future become a sea of red ink at the prospect of a national health care plan that will compromise the availability as well as quality of care that I have enjoyed, particularly these last two years.
Maybe it was when a colleague of mine told me she hadn't been able to pull the monies together for a consult with a top drawer oncologist - not something that one can put off indefinitely, you know ?
Maybe its knowing that my mammogram is tomorrow and despite my bravado of being "so over it" and dismissive, at times, of even having had cancer, I am scared, ever so slightly, that it will come back.

Regardless of the reason I am resolved to live my most honest life each day; beginning with myself. It is not easy, not pretty and from time to time I have to apologize; not easy for me to do. But, in wishing to be "the change you want to see," I will sally forth and not only question with boldness, but listen without interrupting; an equally endangered social skill.

Nigh nigh...

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