Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Old Year's Eve

It's Old Year's Eve - the last night followed by the next day of the same year; it deserves some respect. If you are hustling to get things done "this year" you still have time. If you cannot wait for this year to end, you don't have long to wait !

I found myself thinking that very thing tonight. It's a blue moon night. I longingly looked at the moon tonight; it was round and full and beautiful and the gray clouds around it gave it an essence of blue, but it wasn't blue ! Sorry.

Tonight I was at PK's - that's Piper's Kilt for the un-initiated, and while waiting for someone, I thought about the year, and what went well, all that I am thankful for, and how I can close the year with few regrets. I heard conversations of people around me how they were unemployed, not happy, unfulfilled, and seemingly looking forward to the year's end. It has motivated me to write in my thankfulness journal tonight; I do indeed have a lot to be thankful for. Friends, my awesome family, super career, lovely cat, great neighbors, sweet room mate, super tenants, and a cozy home in NYC that I love.

So on this Old Year's Eve, I bid you good night, and wish you well & bounty in all you have to be thankful.

Annie B

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