Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Decade !

As dark falls on the first new day of the year, I am thankful for the opportunity to make a good first impression upon it.

I had a chance to really look at myself and my behaviors and their consequences/rewards today, and it was really eye opening. I was reminded in a most opportune moment that " do something the same way and expect different results..." was truly crazy. And in that moment, I think I grew up a little. While disappointed in the realization that real results require real work I figured out some very obvious things about life. I reflected on them on the way home.

Simply put, the way we live, communicate and carry on is a lot different today than it was ten years ago.

We are not only in a time of heightened security, we are subsequently in a time of heightened insecurity. International plane rides not withstanding, we may fear for our jobs, our privacy and our understanding of our rights and responsibilities. This not only changed aft 9/11 but has subsequently eroded into a complete turn around about everything.

While gains have been made in technology, specifically communications, why is it people are not talking to each other ? We text, we email and seem to avoid eye to eye, hand to hand, and sometimes, heart to heart contact. We applaud the components of accountability on a project, while sidestepping the process of making it a successful endeavor; thus more of a "gotcha" rather than, "great job, fulfilled as or beyond required." While electronic gadgets and extended hours and online shopping seemingly should make more time for "other things," it's harder to have time to meet with people, grab a drink or coffee, or just hang out for a game night at home with Monopoly.

Everyone seems so busy with all of the conveniences in hand, shouldn't we have more to show for it ?

Today I sent out a text blast to about a dozen people wishing them Happy New Year. Now I have decided instead to call each one and say it to the in my happy voice ! Really, hadn't I better walk the talk ? Be the change I want to see ?

So I am deducing that a telephone call today is like what a letter was thirty years ago; something that took some time and forethought that made the receiver feel really good.

Maybe that is what the next decade holds; small acts of making others feel good simply doing the thing that takes just a moment longer. I don't know; I'll give it a whirl and let you know how it goes.

And by the way, Happy New Year.

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